Private Fee Schedule

Private Fee Schedule

Competitive Private Prices

We have always strived to provide affordable dental treatment. Please compare our new competitive prices. We provide you with a treatment plan, which shows clearly itemised costs. This enables you to be in charge of your own treatment to suit your particular financial circumstances. Our practice operates a pay-as-you-go policy, i.e you pay for the treatment received at the end of each appointment. You will also be asked to pay a deposit as you proceed with your treatment as each appointment is booked. This will be deducted from your treatment cost.

Monthly Payment Options

We recommend that private patients consider joining Denplan. You can find out more by selecting "Denplan Payment Plan" on the index or by phoning the practice.

*Fees correct as of October 2023

Examination £38.00
Children's Examination (Under 18 years) £25.50
X-rays £7.00
OPG/Panoral X-Ray £65.00
CBCT scan From £150.00
Preventative Care
Dentist Scale and polish From £70.00
Periodontal Treatment From £65.00
Hygienist visit £70.00
Hygienist Airflow Cleaning £75.00
Root Surface Debridement - RSD (Hygienist) From £225.00
Hygienist Direct Access £75.00
Amalgam fillings From £75.00
Composite fillings From £85.00
Dental Implants
Dental Implants From £2000.00
Veneers / Crowns / Bridges
Porcelain Bonded Crown From £450.00
Emax Crown From £500.00
Zirconia Crown From £500.00
Cast Gold Crown From £750.00
Porcelain onlays/inlays From £450.00
Veneers From £450.00
Bridgework (per tooth) From £450.00
Extractions From £75.00
Surgical Extractions From £150.00
Root Canal Treatment
Front tooth 1 canal From £200.00
Premolar From £300.00
Molar From £400.00
Endodontic Dressing £50.00
Nitrous Oxide Sedation for Adults and Children From £150.00
Full Denture From £600.00
Acrylic Dentures (per arch) From £450.00
Metal Dentures (per arch) From £550.00
Mouth/Night Guards
Mouth Guards (Sports) From £100.00
Night Guards From £100.00
Cosmetic Whitening
Tooth Whitening (both arches) £335.00
1 area £215.00
2 areas £265.00
3 areas £300.00

We accept payments by Cash, Delta, Mastercard, Switch, and Visa.

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