Family run, community dentist in Plymouth


We are a family run dental practice and pride ourselves on being a local community dentist in Plymouth.Every year we guide and treat thousands of patients, helping them to maintain their teeth and gums. Our friendly welcoming team brings their knowledge and expertise gained locally and from a variety of countries. This broad range of skills allows us to call on a wide variety of techniques for the benefit of our patients.

Proactive dentistry

As a modern twenty-first century dentist in Plymouth we understand that being proactive is the way to help patients prevent tooth decay and subsequent tooth loss. For many years patients only visited the dentist when they had a loose tooth, gum infection or toothache. All of which was really too late as the damage had already been done. By introducing a regular oral hygiene regime this dentist in Plymouth can monitor our patients’ dental conditions and identify problems that may occur later. Proactive dentistry results in preventive dentistry and reduces the number of dental visits that a patient will need to make in a lifetime. Education is vitally important and to help parents, we would like to see patients with children bring their children in with them so that they can become comfortable in the dental surgery. This will help them enormously to become relaxed and to understand the need for oral hygiene.

Community dentistry

Serving the community means being versatile enough to provide dental care to children, adults and the more mature alike. Meavy Way Dental Practice fulfills this role in the community because we have such a talented team of clinicians able to deliver the treatments necessary to each category of patient. Our friendly chairside manner allows us to develop a relationship with our patients based on trust and being open and honest about their condition and the best treatment for them. Explaining candidly a patient’s condition and the recommended treatment allows us to open up a discussion so that you can ask questions to fully understand why you should be treated. Understanding the treatment also helps to remove any dental anxiety because the more you understand the less there is to fear. To be able to offer you a comprehensive range of dental treatments we have embraced modern technology. This is why we are able to perform procedures from simple teeth whitening treatments to more complex dental implants for lost teeth. Our team attends regular training and seminars to ensure that you receive the best treatment available.

Giving the community what it wants

Because we develop a proper relationship with our patients, we listen, and where possible we provide the treatments that they request that fall within our knowledge and expertise. As dentists we are familiar with bones, muscles and skin, especially of the head and neck. We are also used to administering injections in the safety of our well appointed treatment rooms. A good relationship with patients, a knowledge of anatomy and operating in pristine sterile treatment rooms makes us the ideal providers of aesthetic treatments. So in addition to providing a full range of dental treatments we also offer anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments.