Autumn Practices In Dental Health From Your Dentist


As summer draws to a close we head into the winter months, blazing fires, warm whiskey and sofa sundays become the more common flavours as we ease away from the summer sun. As our daily habits alter and we spend more time indoors, are there perhaps subconscious effects on other areas of our life? Do we become healthier in the winter? Or are we more likely to pick a cutting corner habit or two? We at Meavy Way are believers in the latter. But do these new short cuts include our oral health? Let’s take a look.

Autumn Oral Health

It’s by no means big news for us to report that autumn tends to bring with it a little more doom and gloom. We’re no longer skirting around in our shorts or lazing around in lido’s. How we look becomes less important and the practicalities of getting around in the cold and rainy weather takes precedent. We’re not constantly posing for the next Insta post or prepping for another wedding and so self care… Well, self care kinda falls away.

How does this affect oral health? Well, your dentist in Plymouth reckons that the oral health of their patients depleted during winter. With people taking less time each morning to clean their teeth correctly. Maybe one morning you don’t bother to floss, then the next day you only brush once. Maybe you don’t wear your retainer one night? It’s amazing how quickly one slip of a habit can quickly turn into multiple slips of a habit and so on.

What Your Dentist In Plymouth Thinks

We totally understand that winter comes with a bluer mood, which in turn just somehow makes us slightly lazier as a people, but don’t let the colder days affect the excellent care of your oral health of the summer months bought, which in turn will have made massive improvements to your overall teeth and gum health.

It’s very easy when we become less image conscious to start taking shortcuts in our days, but the difference between flossing and not flossing can literally be the difference between gum disease and no gum disease. So, as tempting as a day off sounds, we want to reinforce the importance of maintaining good oral practices all year round.

What Are Good Oral Practices

Let’s just have a brief recap on what we can do to maintain good oral health straight from your dentist in Plymouth.

Brushing teeth twice a day – ideally once in the morning and once in the evening. If you can brush after you’ve eaten something which is particularly high in sugar, this is recommended.

Flossing everyday – WITHOUT FAIL! Flossing has become something the vast majority see as a bonus thing not essential, this attitude is wrong. Flossing will prevent gum disease and decay in a way that just isn’t possible from brushing alone.

Regular check ups. It’s so easy when we get the dental notification to ignore it especially with the cost of living on the rise, but neglecting your teeth now can cause issues later on, always attend your check ups.