We now accept referrals for OPG/CBCT scans Using our newly installed CS 8200 3D OPG/CBCT scanner

Please see attached our referral forms

Referral form

After recent investment into high quality imaging within the practice and staff training we now offer high quality Panoramic X-rays and CBCT scans! From just £60!

It is important to have routine dental X-Rays to enable your dentist to evaluate your oral health. These low dose radiation images can help to diagnosis cavities, tooth decay or impacted teeth! It can also aid in treatment planning, for treatments we offer such as implants or complex wisdom teeth extraction. Panoramic x-rays are also a great alternative for those who struggle with a gag reflex.

Here are some of the high-quality images we have taken

CBCT Prices
OPG £65
CBCT From £150
CBCT report £80

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