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Your dentist in Plymouth treats missing teeth

When a tooth is lost or extracted, that isn’t the end of the story. It is imperative that you understand the consequences of not replacing missing teeth, both in the short and long term.

Your teeth are designed to work together and when you take even one out of the equation, the rest can suffer unnecessarily. Surrounding teeth of a missing tooth are liable to shift and move around in your mouth, distorting your smile and potentially making it difficult to eat and chew.

A lot of people with missing teeth can find it harder to chew certain foods and as a result, change their diet. This can have nutritional complications, and if food is not chewed correctly, gut issues can be present and sometimes misdiagnosed by professionals not looking at your health care holistically.

Gums are exposed where teeth are missing and are frequently subjected to damage, or cuts and are at risk of infection. Alongside these few examples, your confidence can take a hit after you have lost some of your teeth; mental health and missing teeth have been linked and especially when a lost tooth is a visible one, you can find that other people treat you differently as well.

A dentist in Plymouth can replace your missing teeth with several different methods. Each method has their place and is suitable for different scenarios and patients, but dental implants are the most popular because of their reliability and longevity.

An implant is suitable for patients young and old, with no upper age limit, as long as you are a healthy adult. You can use this treatment to replace a single tooth, multiple teeth or even to stabilise dentures which are known to slip and slide in your mouth over time.

If you think you might benefit from replacing your teeth with dental implants, then speak with a dentist in Plymouth about how this treatment can be adapted to suit your personal situation.

What makes dental implants so special?

The materials that we use for this treatment are extremely reliable and we can guarantee your treatment to last several decades, great for those people who have lost a tooth at a young age and do not want to face further treatment later down the line.

It is also great for older individuals, giving them the confidence in knowing their teeth are now sorted and that they can move on with other things. Your dentist in Plymouth uses titanium for your implants, a substance that is known to bond with the bone in your jaw, creating this long lasting base that is stable and secure.

We can use this treatment to recreate a fully functional smile again for many of our patients. In fact, the success rate is about 98%, so you can confidently embark on this journey knowing that you are able to enjoy a full set of teeth again, regardless of how many you have lost or for how long.

We will work exclusively with you and your unique situation to provide the best outcome for you. Let’s get you smiling again.