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Why choose a dentist for teeth whitening

Teeth whitening may at first seem like a simple cosmetic treatment but the benefits are so significant and far reaching that we encourage patients to pay a little more thought as to how and where they whiten their teeth. When patients usually seek to whiten their teeth, it is for aesthetic purposes – to improve discolouration and staining issues that detract from an attractive smile. It only stands to reason then when aesthetics is a primary goal, to trust in the treatment that stands a greater chance of delivering desired results.

Patients may not be aware that it is best to leave teeth whitening to skilled dental professionals. Why, you may wonder.

For teeth whitening to produce the best results, the active bleaching ingredients contained in teeth whitening products need to be in higher concentrations than those normally found in off-the-shelf products. It is only teeth whitening treatments used by a dentist in Plymouth that contain these legal high levels and which also need to be administered safely to protect patient’s teeth.

At Meavy Way Dental Practice, we are never surprised at the delight patients exclaim after a successful completion of their teeth whitening treatment plan carried out by our well-experienced dentist in Plymouth. Professional teeth whitening performed by our dentist in Plymouth offers patients a highly effective, goal-oriented treatment plan with relatively speedy results (as patient’s discolouration conditions differ, so too will the time it takes to produce the results they want). In addition to pleasing results, here are other top benefits to choosing a professionally qualified dentist for teeth whitening.

The difference of teeth whitening at the dentist

Oral health improves. When performing various dental treatments, a dental practitioner is also obliged to check on a patient’s oral health. With do-it-yourself teeth whitening, a patients misses out on the opportunity of a dentist checking the condition of teeth and gums, If there is an underlying cause for teeth staining not related to consuming dark-coloured foods and beverages, then it is most likely that attempts to brighten teeth by oneself will not produce results. Our dental practitioner can sort out the poor oral health issue AND whiten teeth with the patient winning on all fronts.

Customised teeth whitening. This is a sought after benefit of in-chair teeth whitening. Off-the-shelf products are not designed to offer a customised approach to teeth whitening. Patients looking for a customised solution that factors in all their needs, will need to look at professional teeth whitening at the dentist that cater to individual patient needs and wants. It remains the most reliable method to achieve the shade of brightness you want (provided it looks natural of course).

Streamlined procedure. Unlike at-home teeth bleaching which often requires frequent messy repeat applications which do not produce the desired effect, teeth whitening at the dental clinic is streamlined. For many patients, all that is needed is a single appointment.

Patients who look at the price difference between off-the shelf products and professional teeth whitening treatments should bear in mind the quality and safety of the latter. Choosing the at-home method there is always the risk of more money being spent buying an armful of products to use, not to mention the cost of repairing the damage caused to teeth with the use of these products. For more information on why professional whitening is the better and safer option, book an appointment at Meavy Way Dental Practice.