• Meavy Way Dental Practice

Who are Meavy Way Dental Practice?

We are a dentist in Plymouth who are committed to you and your smile. We run our practice with the main aim to provide you and your family with high-quality care and treatments. Having a good relationship with your dentist can be beneficial as it can help you and your family retain some dental fitness to ensure that all of your smiles are in their best condition. We are here for you in any way that you may need us, so if you have a question pertaining to your dental health you could consider contacting us directly or using a contact form.

We value all of our patients and want to ensure that all of your needs are met when we take you into our practice. We accept new child NHS patients, ensuring that this is a practice for all. We always take patients' comments on board to ensure that we are delivering the best level of service to them. This article will run through the numerous treatments that we offer as well as why you should consider us as your practice.

What treatments do we offer?

As a dentist in Plymouth, we offer a wide range of different treatments in numerous areas. Within general dentistry, we offer emergency dentistry, root canal, white fillings and extractions. Within preventative dentistry, we offer numerous treatment options that can help you prevent issues with your mouth, including healthy gums, dental hygiene, specialist referrals, children's dentistry, sports mouthguards, and mouth cancer screening. Missing teeth is something else that we treat and this includes dental implants, restorative dentistry, dentures, and sedation.

Cosmetic dentistry is another area that we offer treatments, which can help you build up a smile that you are proud of. These treatments have been specially designed to allow you to make a choice that could have a positive effect on your smile. These treatments include teeth whitening, crowns, bridges, Orthodontics, and CEREC. We also as a practice offer facial aesthetics. These treatments include anti-wrinkle treatments and dermal fillers. These treatments allow you to sculpt your face to appear more supple and strong.

Why should you consider us as your practice?

As a dentist in Plymouth, we would love to be the practice that you choose to help you maintain a strong and healthy smile. We provide high-quality dental care to many patients. We understand that your smile is a very important feature and we want to make sure that this feature is protected. We are an accessible practice that has ample nearby parking to ensure that you can access the treatment that you need. We treat private and NHS patients, allowing anyone to access the dental care that they need. We follow strict patient confidentiality as well as data protection agreements to ensure that our patients feel comfortable in their own skin.

If you think that you could benefit from one of these treatments mentioned in this article then you could consider having a look at the website to read about your chosen treatment in more detail. The website will keep you up to date with the running of our practice so you can ensure that you can start your journey to a healthier smile when it is safe to do so.