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When looking for a dentist in Plymouth

We all need to pay attention to our oral health and hygiene, as we need to recognise the importance of having the healthiest teeth and gums possible. By looking after our oral health, we are promoting a higher standard of wellbeing throughout our entirety, as the mouth truly is the gateway to the entire body.

We use our mouths to carry out some of the most important functions of our day-to-day living, mainly eating and communicating. If the mouth is the main route for nutrients and proteins to get into the body, keeping us healthy with a balance of those vitamins we need, then it makes sense to ensure we look after our oral health to allow us to consume food correctly. At Meavy Way Dental Practice we are a private dentist committed to providing high-quality care in a relaxed and friendly environment, not just to our private patients but to NHS patients too.

As a leading dentist in Plymouth, we want all potential patients to understand the importance of maintaining a high standard of oral hygiene, pointing out that visiting a dental practice for regular check-ups should play a vital role in their oral health regime.

Prevention will always be better than the cure

If you are looking for one very good reason to visit your dentist in Plymouth regularly, then think of it as the best way to monitor the health of your teeth and gums, to allow for early intervention to take place before any issues you may have get out of hand, leading to more serious and invasive procedures being required.

We pride ourselves on the standard of preventive dentistry we have to offer, allowing us to effectively treat any problems at their onset. Preventive dentistry techniques and practices can minimise the need for fillings, prevent gum disease and avoid tooth decay, meaning the patient can enjoy the benefits of having a high standard of oral health.

Ask yourself would you rather give up forty minutes of your time every few months to have a dental check-up, to avoid problems arising, or would you rather wait to find you need to have several appointments to diagnose and treat a difficult dental issue. Hence, prevention is better than cure.

The dental hygienist

One of the major roles within the practice, employing preventive dentistry, is that of our dental hygienist, who can play a key part in the care of every patient’s oral health. The hygienist can assess your teeth and gums for plaque build-up and put together a plan to remove any by cleaning the teeth professionally and look at ways to avoid the build-up occurring again.

Our dental hygienist may also be able to offer you suggestions around your daily hygiene routine that could lead to vast improvements in your oral health. The hygienist aims to minimise the need for invasive dental treatment by helping people to keep their teeth and gums as clean as possible, through regular appointments.

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