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Looking for the best family oriented dentist in Plymouth? Five reason to join Meavy Way Dental today

Whether you have just moved to Plymouth or have had a falling out with your previous dental practitioner, looking for a suitable replacement is no easy feat.

Choosing a dental surgery is more than simply pulling a name out of the phonebook; it is an important, long-term choice that can impact on your oral and physical health.

While it was once acceptable to simply pick the nearest surgery to your home as a candidate, many people need more from their dental practice and look for quirks or benefits of one surgery team over another.

At Meavy Way Dental Practice, our dentist in Plymouth has many benefits for new and existing patients. Our dental surgery prides itself on offering the highest quality service to all of our patients and using the most up to date and advanced technologies to keep your smile at its healthiest.

But why else should you choose our dentist in Plymouth? Read on to find out!

Emergency dentistry

While nobody wants to envision requiring emergency dental treatment, if you or your family ever need a same-day dental appointment, you will be glad you chose Meavy Way Dental as your dental surgery.

Our team set aside appointments each day for dental emergencies, so you can get back on track as soon as possible. If you are in discomfort, we will aim to reduce your pain so you can relax while we treat your emergency issue.

Later and weekend appointments

At Meavy Way Dental, we know that your teeth don’t work on a 9-5 schedule and we aim to make all our hours as a dentist in Plymouth as flexible as possible.

We are able to offer both early morning and early evening appointments, while also offering Saturday appointments too. This will allow you the flexibility to see us when you need to, without missing time off work or school.

Restorative options

Regardless of your age, missing teeth can have a huge impact on your self-confidence.

At Meavy Way Dental, our restorative dental team can offer you a range of options to fill those gaps in your smile and restore the functionality of your mouth.

Everything from dentures to dental implants, our restorative team can provide it all, leaving you with more confidence and a gap-free smile to be proud of!

Family dental care

We know that if you have a family, they are at the heart of everything you do.

We are exceptionally proud of our family-oriented practice, including our specialist dental options for children, teenagers, and adults under one roof.

Our team can help with orthodontic and preventive treatments for your children, while also offering any teenage family members more flexible and stylish options for both orthodontic and preventive procedures.

NHS treatments

Of course, our team is aware that private dental costs can be prohibitive to many working families.

We are proud to open our surgery doors to NHS patients, keeping the mouths of both you and your family in top shape for a fraction of the price!

Call our team today!