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How to design a great oral healthcare routine

We all lead a busy life and often important things can be ignored, this can sometimes even include our oral healthcare. While most of us are able to keep up with the basic items such as brushing twice a day there is a good reason for making sure that you make time to improve this routine and set yourself in good habits! Let’s have a look at some simple things you can do and how your dentist in Plymouth can help.

Come and get personal

Here at Meavy Way Dental Practice we know you are unique, this includes your teeth, with a consultation tailored to you we will help you to identify any specific needs you have. This would include any potential bad habits you are unaware of or any pre-existing conditions that can have an effect on your oral health. We are well equipped with resources and knowledge to help you design a care plan specific to your needs. Certain treatments for cancer or types of diabetes can affect your oral health and require specific attention.

Be good at the basics

We said that oral health isn’t as simple as brushing your teeth twice a day but that doesn’t mean you should forget the basics. Brush regularly, at least twice a day, floss and rinse with an antibacterial mouthwash. Take time to complete these basics effectively. If rushed you will not be doing as thorough a job as required so give these their proper place in your daily routine. Brushing twice a day really is the minimum, if possible brush after any meal. Basically, if you leave food and drink to sit on or around your teeth for a long time they can promote the build-up of bacteria and that terrible thing called plaque! The simple way to solve this problem, brush for long enough and with the right technique.

Adding things such as a good antibacterial mouthwash can also reduce the build-up of nasty bacteria in your mouth fighting things such as gum disease.

Avoid bad habits

Smoking is terrible for your oral health, and for your health in general. If you needed that final push to quit then let it be the adverse effect it can have on your mouth. It can lead to bad breath, gum disease, and even mouth cancer. Certainly some good reasons to quit and something your dentist in Plymouth will thank you for.

Don’t be a stranger

Are you aware of the signs of poor oral health, have you been putting off a trip to the dentist perhaps over fear or a busy schedule? Many of us lead very hectic and busy lives and a niggly pain or something not quite right with our teeth or mouth might simply be brushed to the side for another time but stop and consider for a moment, do I spit blood after I’ve brushed my teeth. Does my jaw ache, particularly in the morning, have I got severe tooth sensitivity or pain in or around my gums? These can all point to potentially underlying oral health concerns that would be worth talking to your dentist about. Regular trips to your dentist in Plymouth are an important part of your oral healthcare routine and should not be neglected.