• Meavy Way Dental Practice

A truly international dental practice

Our dental practitioners bring a wealth of experience achieved from all over the world allowing us to bring you the best treatments available. As a forward thinking dentist in Plymouth we keep up to date with the latest equipment and we are regularly attending training and seminars to keep pace with dental progress.

Progressive change of focus

Dentistry worldwide has changed over the past two decades and we have adapted to changing UK requirements. Instead of being reactive to a patient's problems we have adopted a more proactive approach with preventive dentistry top of our agenda. Education and discussion of conditions and treatments available allow patients to make better decisions and to be more comfortable, because they are well informed. Educating patients on the correct oral hygiene routine results in fewer emergencies and less gum disease and tooth decay.

Children a primary focus

As an established local dentist in Plymouth we believe that the more we encourage parents to bring in their children as early as possible, even from the age of one year old, the more probable it is that we can develop a community with healthy teeth and gums. The earlier we can see your children the sooner they will become familiar with the practice’s surroundings. This gives them the opportunity to feel relaxed and comfortable and it gives us a chance to identify any problems that may manifest themselves later. This win-win situation will prove extremely beneficial to them as they grow through life to adulthood.

Building confidence and trust

Trust is a very important part of dentistry to us and we make every effort to gain your trust by being candid about conditions and treatments. The more two-way communication there is, the greater the bond between dentist and patient will become. If we find that you have not been adhering to the recommended dental hygiene routine that we encourage, then we will mention this and the possible dental consequences. Your dentist in Plymouth is here to help you maintain a healthy mouth and to avoid serious treatments later.

Offering the full range of treatments

Our expertise allows us to offer a full range of dental and aesthetic treatments. Our general dentistry includes fillings, extractions and root canal treatment. We can provide more complex dentistry to replace missing teeth with dentures or dental implants. When it comes to cosmetic dentistry we are equipped with our CEREC machine which can make crowns and veneers while you are in the dentist's chair. Correct whitening of teeth is a far more serious treatment than people think and we would rather you come to us to conduct the procedure correctly.

An extra service

Modern technology has brought about a relatively new phenomenon which is the selfie, allowing us to send a picture of ourselves to friends and family anywhere in the world at short notice. In response to this we also offer some aesthetic procedures and we are able to offer anti-wrinkle and dermal filler treatments. Our sterile treatment rooms and our knowledge of the facial structure, as well as the fact that we are used to ensuring the correct procedure of administering injections, means that we are well placed to offer these treatments safely.