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4 Reasons to replace your missing teeth with dentists in Plymouth

Whether for congenital reasons or because of a lack of treatment, missing teeth can become a common issue for many adults. Just because it is common that doesn't mean it's not an issue that needs addressing. So what treatment should you get for yourself? Let's have a look at some of the reasons why you should replace your message and how you can do so. Let’s break down 4 primary reasons why it can be so beneficial, although there are a host more benefits.

Increased self-confidence

We all should feel confident about the way we look but it must be said that missing teeth, particularly in the more notable areas like your front teeth, can significantly affect your confidence. Happiness is impacted and you may even choose to cover your mouth or smile. Choosing to replace your teeth can build confidence and restore the smile you one had so your dentists in Plymouth, Meavy Way Dental Practice are certainly happy to help you get back to this stage. Uneven strain on your other teeth

Missing teeth if left untreated can have an effect on your remaining teeth. These can become very quickly overworked. Think about it, the job that you're missing teeth once did has to be taken up by your other teeth that surrounded it. Eventually, this can cause the surrounding teeth to actually shift position or it can cause them excessive wear. Altered Done Structure

Teeth are vitally important in stimulating the jaw and cheekbones. The roots have surrounding blood vessels that promote healthy bone structure. Without these, the face can lose some shape and again the surrounding teeth can potentially be affected, even leading to further tooth loss. Eat a varied diet

None of us want to limit what we eat just out of discomfort. A healthy diet is vital to our oral health but being able to eat the things we love with a full set of teeth is certainly worth aspiring to.

Fast solution with long term benefits

While all treatments vary from case to case the success of dental implants is very high! This success rate along with your commitment to maintain an excellent level of care for your mouth, teeth and gums and with regular trips to a dentist in Plymouth like Meavy Way Dental Practice your new teeth can last a lifetime.

What options are there for implants?

Traditional bridges are fixed false teeth that attach via crowns on the existing teeth, This option is long term and has a very high success rate. Be aware though that teeth impacted by the install of bridges may need to be filed down.

Partial dentures are acrylic or metal frames that hold one or maybe multiple teeth in place. Though one of the least expensive options, these do have a lower lifespan of around five years.

Dental implants are the most successful and the primary option for most dentists in Plymouth. They may be artificial but they imitate real teeth. This mimicking is not just limited to aesthetics, being a resin or porcelain based implant, but also in the fact that the root of the implant itself stimulates the blood vessels in your gums and around your jawbone to promote healthy bone density.

So many choices may leave you wondering what should I do next? We urge you to book a consultation with our team at Meavy Way Dental Practice who can help answer all your questions and get you started on the right path.